andre goudbeek


Alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bandoneon


One of the first pioneers of improvised music in Belgium.

Schooled to play the classic violin in his early years he was both a violinist in the Universitair Kamerorkest and saxophonist in the Universitair Jazzsextet (1965-1969) of Gent while completing his studies. He made his first steps as a professional saxophonist with the Full Moon Trio in 1970. Paul Feyaerts (bass) and Ronnie Dusoir (drums) completed the trio.

Three years later he was one of the founders

of the working group improvising musicians (WIM) along with Fred Van Hove, Ivo Vander Borght, Willy Roggeman and Cell Overberghe. He played in all the WIM groups like the WIM Band, Big Band WIM, WIM Poel for which he also composed. Until 2004 André was the secretary and helped to organise the WIM annual Free Music Festival which played an important role in the Flemish musical landscape.

Photo © Geert Vandepoele


Goudbeek was the first in 1975 to put a improvising saxophone quartet

together in Europe called Homage with Michel Mast (ss), John Ruocco (ts), and Luc Houtkamp (bars)

Between 1977 and 1982

he formed an international recognised bass clarinet duo saxophone with the Dane John Tchicai. The duo was sometimes extended to form an saxophone quartet with François Jeanneau (tenor sax) and Philippe Mate (baritone sax).

In 1981 - '82 he played

in Brotherhood of Breath the big band of South African pianist Chris McGregor.

From 1982-1994 he traveled

around the world with the renowned Dutch Willem Breuker Kollektief,,

playing more than a hundred concerts and musical theaters yearly. The Kollektief worked with guests like John Carter, Hannes Zerbe, Freek de Jonge, Özay, Yo Yo Ma, Wim T. Schippers, Han De Vries, Theo Olof, Toby Rix and others ...

Filmhouse Mechelen commissioned

André in 1995 to compose the music for the silent film Nanook of the North by Robert Flaherty (1922). The film with live orchestra was a great success and was performed more than 80 times. (Nanook Quartet: Bart Maris, tp, Remko Devroede, piano and Chris Duerinckx, drs).

From 1973 until today

André collaborates with Fred Van Hove and Ivo Vander Borght. Together they formed the trio Voici les Belges and recorded WIM fanfare, MLB III 't Nonet "Suite for B. .. City, MLF 7 (Musica Libera Flandriae) "Arachnida".

The recording "Separate Realities" (from WERF 043) was released in 2004. An unique performance with the Chinese guzheng virtuoze Xu Fengxia and the American bassist Joe Fonda.

Presently Goudbeek is working regularly

with sculptor-bassist Peter Jacquemyn in the duo V2 or the Vernissage Duo, in the AGiiiR trio with the French-Vietnamese percussionist Lê Quan Ninh and the AGiiiiR quartet with French pianist Christine Wodrascka.

Goudbeek was also

commissioned to compose the music for several figurine theater pieces, for theater companies like 'Ultima Thule', 'De Maan' and 'Het Paleis'.